Fish Species

  • Carassius – freshwater fish from family Cyprinidae. It occupies stuffy or not so fast water. Successfully survived both in hot and cold dams (Batak dam). It represents of two types: gold and silver. The differences with the carp are the lack of a moustache and a higher located head.
  • Trout – type of coldwater fish from family Salmonidae which represents:

Brown trout – the main color is light brown as to belly pass almost in yellow. On the side it has pink spots. The average size is about 40 cm.

Rainbow trout – the main color is silver with purple to brown hue. The rainbow trout is dotted with small black spots. Straight through the middle of her body goes through a color strip, in which at different angles against the light hint at all the colors of the rainbow. The length can exceed 80 cm and the weight 7 kg.

Brook trout – the easiest kind of recognition trout that makes it a favorite for sport fishing. It’s back is dark in color, covered with white dots and the sides are decorated with red spots. Reaches length of 25-30 cm.

  • Carp – bony fish from the family of Cyprinidae, common nase and common rudd. It occupies freshwater pool and it is omnivorous fish. The carp with a high back growns in dams.  He has a long angular dorsal fins and four mustache around the mouth. It’s meat is light pink and is very tasty, which in addition with a tough catch makes it a favorite for sport fishing.
  • Perch – a fish of the family Perches. The body of the perch is shortened, high and laterally flattened. It has characteristic of the type hump. The body is covered with flakes, which are tiny, solid and difficult to separate from the thick skin. It has a large orange eyes and a big mouth with fine teeth, as is a fish – predator. On his back the perch has two consecutive dorsal fins with spiny rays. His body reaches a lenght of 40 cm and weight about 2 kg.
  • Common rudd – this is a freshwater fish from family Cyprinidae. Here is the place to note that it is wrong to consider common roach and common rudd for the same fish. The body of common rudd is with yellowish flakes and orange-red fins. The dorsal fin is located far away from the head and it has 8-9 rays. The mouth of the fish is flattened and pointing upwards, as the common rudd loves sucking insects from the surface of the water.  It is located in almost all dams, but in relatively small quantities.
  • Pike – this is entirely a predatory fish, reaching up to 1.5 m and weight up to 20 kg. It is located in almost all freshwater pools distant from running water. Pike fishing is required not only live bait, but also patience because the pike catch their prey by ambush.

OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME for the DEVELOPMENT of the fisheries sector 2007-2013

“Development of fisheries areas”

This project was realized with the financial support of the operational programme for the development of the fisheries sector of the Republic of Bulgaria, financed by the European Fisheries Fund for the programming period 2007-2013.